Emergency Evacuation

What Is Emergency?

An unexpected and usually dangerous situation that calls for immediate action.

What Is Evacuation?

Temporary but rapidremovalof people frombuildingordisaster(or threatened) area as a rescue or precautionarymeasure.


By the definition itself, it is cleared that in an unexpected and dangerous situation peoples (Lives) may face difficulties to quit the dangerous place himself and reach nearest designated safe place immediately.

Evacuation can be again categorized by different mean: a) Person (Live) can exit himself without any further help / assistance and b) Exit by additional help / assistance (Rescue).

Factors that needs to be consider during Emergency Evacuation:

Emergency Plan/s
Travel Distance
Travel Route/s
Lighting and Signage
Environmental or the person Condition/s
General arrangements for Emergency / Rescue Operation:

Fire Watcher / Warden and/or Emergency Rescue Team (E.R.T.)
Emergency Condition Handling Equipments including Breathing Apparatus.
Special arrangements (Rope or Ladder).
Fire Detection and Alarm System
Public Address System
Assembly Point/s
Roll Call
Emergency Contact Board
First Responder
First Aid
Information, Instruction and Training

Fire Emergency condition may not give notice prior its happen. Preparedness is the only way to reduce casualties / death in the event of fire accident. Fire is a spontaneous chemical chain reaction with require amount of fuels, oxygen in presence of heat.

General causes of fire:

Electrical Equipments
Deliberate Fire
Hot Work
Heating and Cooking Appliances
Unsafe Condition of Handling or Storage of Flammable Materials
Chemical Reaction
Mechanical Heat
Fire itself can burn which is less probable danger than its by-products in an fire accident, i.e.: poisonous smoke and fume.
Impact of Fire Accident:

Direct Burn Injury
Inhalation of poisonous smokes, gasses and fumes can block / damage our respiratory system which is fatal.
Ingestion of poisonous micro particles, gases can also disorder our digestion system.
In the case of explosion or detonation, fatal casualties can be seen.
Prevention is better than Cure. We shall not wait for an accident, can create a safe living practice.

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