Delta Fire Engineers Executive(DFEE): Hello Sir, does your premise updated with fire fighting arrangements as per legal standard / guide line?

Customer: What is this?

DFEE: Sir according to the land use authority, N.B.C.I. recommends few minimum standard to be follow. A copy of the guide line is here, you need to follow it …

Customer 1: Our premise is very old, so many managing committee has run this premises and not had seen this. If there are certain recommendations, why government had not come yet to notify?

DFEE: Sir first of all, it is occupiers responsibility to keep maintaining good conditions of all their facilities as per norms. It may not possible to send one to one of the amendments / office orders. So you have to follow the Bye-Law and office orders time to time from your end.

Customer 1: We never face any handles regarding it since the day, no fire accident we face since the beginning.

DFEE: Sir would you like to drive your premises according to enforcement orders? Are you waiting to face any accidental fire threat which may not give proper notice prior to be happen?

Customer 1: According to the guide line we felt there are major expenditures in lakhs to comply. People need justification of each major expenses which directly born by their pocket. Without any notice/s, how we shall put it in our maintenance forum!!!

DFEE: Sir, day to days various accidents are taking place increasingly. People losing their life due cause of such accidents. We are implementing our lifestyles inherently, day to day we are undertaking modification works without proper authority approvals. Did you concern about it?

Customer 1: We are not only building / occupancy here. You can take a preview of our adjacent premises too, nothing is there … Why not asking them instead of raising such question to us?

DFEE: Sir it’s not a concern of bench marking our lifestyle or status. Its the matter of safety of our people and code of conducts. We need to follow on priority.

Customer 1: Ok, then send me your best minimum proposal and lets discuss with our committee / senior

DFEE: After submitted the minimum requirements including guide lines references asked regarding the decisions …

Customer 1: Bro is offer contains too many items and therefore values goes high. Do one thing, simple eliminate some costly items like 1 or 2 more pumps, floor-wise accessories, alternative source of supply … we maximum allow 2-3 lakhs … that’s it …

DFEE: Sir, the items mention over here is absolute requirements of the system/s. Minimum so and so system you need to be consider …

Customer 1: Not possible … ok lets check it with my neighbor and other vendor. Lets meet next time …

DFEE: Sir it’s not only enough!!! You need to install the recommendations, train service providers especially to the securities, housekeeping and other essential service providers who will really be in this picture in case of accident, your own residences / employees … and need to be drill upon it to see the realistic measures of preparedness.

Customer 1 & 2…: Bro do one thing!!! your proposals and procedures are so … Can you arrange only certificate in this behalf? We will pay a lump-sum amount to you?

DFEE: Not agree sir, because letter-on my kid may be one part of your … if there will be an accident and my kid lost his life …? Sir, does your any of member / employee trained upon it to deal such kinds accidents?

Customer 2: Why it is necessary? Upon a call fire, ambulance, police all can gather. Why we shall allocate our budget unnecessarily?

DFEE: You can imagine once regarding the preparedness and response time. Those are the only challenges during this kinds of disaster / emergency. Fire has its own phases like initiations, growth, flush-out, shouldering and decay which proportionally vary on time. For enclosure fire accidents again it is devastating to the factors in which it initiates and spreads. Once you will fail to response on time, you may lose opportunity to save life/(s).

Customer 1 & 2…: Yes understand your concern. This is the only reason of accident probabilities, casualties and deaths … after a certain time qualified officers also faces the same… Thanks Bro… Let’s go for MISSION FIRE SAFE INDIA, safe own and neighbors

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