Common Awareness

Educating citizen – “Do’s and Don’t” during fire and necessary behavioural actions regarding fire and emergencies are most important to control over the risks and best way as it is first E policy of 5E’s.

Hence, instead of fixing banners by various political leaders, business organisations, promotional activities; government can select and reserve most popular locations in various towns. Especially the metro / major cities, express highways, Toll Naka etc.

Its not only minimum cost, but best way to show off and promote our nations cultural part too.

Installation of the banners can be given responsibility to “Local Authorities” including regular maintenance. Proper lighting for its night visions also to be ensure.

Government also can allow some discount on property tax for private properties who will consider the same to hold these banners.

As we much aware, our PM drives various segment of task through digital platform can enhance this part in parallel in which it also support to the initiative of “Fire Safe India” or “Surokshit Bharat”.

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